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Around 390 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide every year. About 40 percent of this is processed into packaging. However, most of the 170 million tons of plastic packaging only serve their purpose for a short time and then become waste. An immense resource whose value must be preserved, but (according to PlasticsEurope) of which only 10 percent is recycled today. Plastic waste is still being burned, landfilled or stored in an uncontrolled manner and thus ends up in the environment.

A solid and quality-driven circular economy for plastics requires better collection and sorting of waste, sustainable design of products and, above all, investments in innovative recycling technologies. With the Newcycling® process, APK AG contributes to achieving sustainability goals and recycling quotas.


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Newcycling® by APK

Using a special solvent process, individual types of polymers in mixed plastic waste streams are separated. The result is pure, clean plastic granulates that are virgin like.

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With high-quality granulates back into flexible packaging or technical injection molding parts? No problem, with our newcycled Mersamid® and Mersalen®.

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We are an innovative industrial company, a leader in the field of innovative recycling technologies for the production of plastics that are virgin like from mixed plastic waste streams.

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"Newcycling® allows to recover from packaging waste again pure polyolefins for re-use in packaging."

Florian Riedl Director Business Development APK AG

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We offer interesting job opportunities in the recycling industry and the chance to work in one of the most innovative production and development environment there is.

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Dr. Steve Döring appointed CEO at APK AG

All systems go as APK prepares for the construction of their new large-scale Newcycling® plant.

State Secretary Pötzsch visits APK in Merseburg

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Meet us in person at an event or trade fair and learn how APK high-quality plastics from complex waste using innovative recycling methods.

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European Regional Development Fund

The expansion of our production plant in Merseburg to include Newcycling® for the pure processing of multi-layer packaging film waste from production sources with an investment volume of EUR 18.1 million is funded to the amount of EUR 3.6 million by a grant from Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt as part of the joint scheme for "Improving Regional Economic Structures (GRW)" and should be completed by the end of 2018.

The expansion of APK’s solvent-based recycling is to include further waste streams and process assessment/optimization with respect to food standard for Newcycling® products. With the help of the funding, an important contribution is to be made to the development of the circular economy of plastics. The measure is a grant from the "Innovation Assistance" program for the project period from October 2018 to September 2020.