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22. November 2021 All articles, Press releases

Newly on board at APK AG: Susanne Küppers becomes Member of the Board of Directors and Maik Pusch joins the team as Director of Corporate Development

Merseburg, 22 November 2021. APK AG is forging ahead with its expansion plans: several plants utilising APK’s innovative Newcycling® plastics recycling technology will be built in the coming years. “We have big plans and are positioning ourselves accordingly in terms of our staffing,” explains Klaus Wohnig, CEO of APK AG. As of January 1, 2022, Susanne Küppers will join the APK AG Board as Chief Financial Officer. APK was able to fill another central position as early as October 2021: Maik Pusch came on board as the new Director of Corporate Development. “With these key positions in good hands, our team is well-equipped for all future challenges, including the construction of our additional Newcycling® plants or going public. We look forward to working with Ms Küppers and Mr Pusch.”

Susanne Küppers, Chief Financial Officer

Susanne KüppersSusanne Küppers looks back on more than 25 years of experience in the field of international finance, including responsibility for several managerial functions for the RWE Group (RWE, DAX) and TE Connectivity (TEL, NYSE). She is currently CFO of the Wasco Group (WASEONG, KLSE) for the Nord Stream 2 project. Her financial focus lies in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, development, consolidation and expansion of corporations and start-ups as well as the commercial management of major projects. Ms. Küppers’ previous functions also included numerous additional business areas, such as IT, e-business, auditing, legal, compliance, taxes, capital market reporting, investment management, purchasing and human resources. In addition to her extensive financial expertise, Susanne Küppers has a high degree of project and technology affinity. Her previous professional experience has focused on the industry/process engineering and energy/power engineering market sectors as well as trade and telecommunications.

Maik Pusch, Direktor Corporate Development

Maik PuschMaik Pusch brings many years of experience as a leader and company developer in the chemical industry on board to APK . His expertise includes the management of centralisation projects, international mergers & acquisition projects and the operation of international joint ventures during the first few years following their establishment. Mr Pusch also has extensive experience in cross-location management of customer service, sales and purchasing. In his previous positions, his focus was on the chemical, petrochemical and aerospace sectors.




About APK AG

APK was founded in 2008, with the vision of producing the purest possible plastic recyclates from plastic waste, with characteristics comparable to those of virgin plastics. With their Newcycling® process, APK’s research team and engineers have developed an efficient recycling technology that combines mechanical and solvent-based processes. At present, APK employs a staff of around 140 employees at its Merseburg (Germany) location. The production plant features a recycling capability of up to 20,000 tonnes per year. APK’s recyclates are marketed under the names Mersalen® and Mersamid®.


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