Modiplast and APK AG announce collaboration in the Israeli market

14. February 2022 All articles, Press releases

Rishon Le Zion, Israel/Merseburg, Germany – 14 February 2022. Modiplast, an Israeli supplier of raw materials and intermediates for the Israeli plastics industry, and APK, a German plastics recycler, have begun collaboration in the Israeli market. Within the framework of this collaboration, Modiplast will distribute Mersamid® PA NCY (polyamide) and Mersalen® LDPE NCY (low-density polyethylene), two of the regranulates produced by APK, on a new platform called OUT-FIN-IT, dedicated to Modiplast’s circular solutions for the Israeli plastics industry.

Both Mersalen® LDPE and Mersamid® PA are produced with APK’s Newcycling® process, their proprietary physical, solvent-based recycling technology. The dissolution process generates single-variety plastic recyclates from multilayer packaging waste collected from industrial sources (‘post-industrial waste’) and mixed plastics waste fractions from household and commercial collection (‘post-consumer waste’). The high degree of purity and homogeneity of the recyclates allow them to be reused in the original applications, thereby closing the product-to-product loop.

With properties close to those of virgin plastics, Mersamid® PA and Mersalen® LDPE can be used to replace virgin material in a wide range of applications. The use of these products aids in reducing CO2 emissions while also supporting the development of sustainable packaging solutions and contributing to the responsible and efficient use of resources. Florian Riedl, Director Business Development at APK states: ‘We are thrilled to have Modiplast as a partner in Israel. Modiplast’s proven experience in selling circular solutions will help APK further expand our business in this promising market’.

Yariv Szpektor, a manager in Modiplast said: “We are excited to add APK’s products to our portfolio of circular solutions and will act to serve the market with the highest quality of recycled materials, in order to secure a swift move towards a circular economy”.

About Modiplast

Modiplast, a family-owned company, was established in 1997 by Eliezer Szpektor, a leading figure in the Israeli plastics packaging sector. It was the first company to bring bioplastics to the Israeli market and has been supplying circular plastics solutions for over 15 years.

About APK AG

APK was founded in 2008, with the vision of producing the purest possible plastic recyclates from plastic waste, with characteristics comparable to those of virgin plastics. With their Newcycling® process, APK’s research team and engineers have developed an efficient recycling technology that combines mechanical and solvent-based processes. At present, APK employs a staff of around 150 employees at its Merseburg (Germany) location. The production plant features a recycling capability of up to 20,000 tonnes per year. APK’s recyclates are marketed under the names Mersalen® and Mersamid®.


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