Newcycling® - An economic and ecological recycling technology for a real circular economy for plastics.

Newcycling® – high-quality plastics from complex waste

Our solvent-based Newcycling® technology enables us to produce, pure granulates with properties similar to virgin plastics from complex waste streams, e.g. mixed plastic waste and multi-layer packaging, whereby the process is economically and ecologically efficient.

In comparison to chemical recycling, the plastic is retained and does not have to be repolymerized using energy and cost-intensive processes.

In general mechanical recycling processes are able to produce only regranulates of a quality that is only suitable for downcycling applications.


Newcycling® – the most effective way to to close the loop

"Over the last few years, we have further developed our Newcycling® process with renowned partners from institutes, universities and industry, in order to put together the best technology package that is now market-ready for industrial use."

Hagen Hanel Head of Technology & Science

The solution to the problem of plastic waste: collection, sortingand recycling to achieve in the circular economy

Learn in our video why innovative recycling processes will become more and more important in the future and how we are contributing to close the loop with Newcycling®.


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Mersalen® from the Newcycling® process

Mersalen® LDPE PCR NCY  – the alternative to virgin plastics in high-performance applications, e.g.:

  • Flexible packaging
  • Labels/stickers
  • Films/laminates
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Requirements from industry and politics: Sustainable use of plastic and packaging

Industry and politics are setting new sustainability targets and recycling rates. Further development of the existing technologies is essential. APK is setting new quality standards in the area of solvent-based recycling with its innovative Newcycling® process.

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Research & Development

At our Plastics Recycling Innovation Center (PRIC), we are conducting research on the further development of our Newcycling® technology for other fields of application with experts from various disciplines areas at the Merseburg plant.