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Newcycling®: post-consumer plastic recyclates shine as film

Merseburg, July 8th, 2024 – The APK AG is progressively adapting its Newcycling® technology to post-consumer, flexible, multi-material packaging waste from household collection. In collaboration with the film manufacturer Polifilm Extrusion GmbH (Polifilm), APK AG confirmed the excellent processability and high quality of the Newcycling® …

APK successfully scales Newcycling® for post-consumer waste

Merseburg, June 25, 2024. APK AG has successfully scaled its proprietary Newcycling® technology for the recycling of post-consumer plastic waste. Flexible, multi-material packaging waste is the focus as a material stream. “We were able to increase the laboratory scale by 200 times and have reached …

APK AG starts restructuring as part of a self-administration procedure

Merseburg, May 30, 2024. APK AG, an innovative recycling company for complex plastic waste based in Merseburg, has filed an application with the responsible district court in Halle to initiate restructuring proceedings under self-administration. The court approved the application on May 29, 2024, and ordered …

Dr. Steve Döring appointed CEO at APK AG

Merseburg, January 16, 2024. As APK AG’s newly appointed CEO, Dr. Steve Döring joins Chief Technology Officer Dr. Robert Marx and Chief Financial Officer Jürgen Schiffer in rounding out the company’s Management Board. ‘Joining APK AG in the midst of its leap to becoming a …

All systems go as APK prepares for the construction of their new large-scale Newcycling® plant.

Strong investors, successful certifications, agreement for product supply Merseburg, December 14, 2023. APK AG will bring in the new year with its corporate strategy stronger than ever. The company from Merseburg/Leuna, Germany, devoted itself in 2023 to putting in place key elements of its successful …

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