Plastic Regranulates for 100% Recycled Plastic Packaging – Combination seal of flustix and DIN CERTCO certifies two products of APK

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Berlin/Merseburg, April 2021. For independent certification of its plastic recyclates, APK AG, Merseburg (Germany), relies on the flustix RECYCLED certification. Following a successful audit, APK’s Mersamid® PA and Mersalen® LDPE have been awarded the combined flustix/DIN CERTCO seal. Each of these granulates was verified to consist of 100% mixed post-consumer and post-industrial recyclates. The flustix seal assures all manufacturers and other APK customers that the products they work with are certified recycled granulates. APK’s Newcycling® technology is key in enabling the company to produce top-drawer products with high quality like virgin plastics.

With its “flustix RECYCLED” sustainability seal, flustix certifies that such products as plastic regranulates, regrind, and flakes meet DIN standards for recyclate content. This provides transparency in the information recycling companies offer their customers and industry partners, relieving plastics processors of the necessity of an additional audit. Since buyers increasingly base their purchasing decisions on independent environmental reports, official certification of recyclates will become ever more crucial. For recycling companies, these product declarations ensure transparency, giving them a clear market advantage.

“We are delighted that two of APK’s granulates have been awarded the flustix RECYCLED seal, which supports transparent communication between APK and its customers. flustix and APK are united in their mission to promote recycling in place of virgin plastic production – in every area where this is possible. APK, with its innovative technology, is demonstrably making a sustainable contribution towards a functional circular economy”, asserts Malte Biss, founder of flustix.

“With our physical solvent-based recycling process, APK is leading the way in plastics recycling. We are able to produce higher quality recyclates while at the same time reducing our CO2 footprint. Products made from our recyclates facilitate a product-to-product closed loop – even for complex applications like cosmetics packaging – and the quality of our products is certified”, explains Klaus Wohnig, Chairman of the Board at APK AG.

APK was founded in 2008, with the vision of producing the purest possible plastic recyclates from plastic waste. The independent certification of their products by flustix and DIN CERTCO allows APK to guarantee their industry partners the purity and origin of their products – significant factors in the materials cycle. This provides an extra level of assurance to both manufacturers who rely on Mersalen® LDPE recyclates for their flexible packing, labels, and films and to plastics processors who utilise APK’s Mersamid® PA recyclates.

Regranulates that have earned the flustix RECYCLED seal are suitable for use in extrusion and injection moulding applications. The high quality of Mersalen® LDPE regranulates makes them well-suited for use in a broad range of packaging applications, up to and including cosmetics packaging, as has additionally been confirmed through verification by independent toxicologists. Mersamid® PA granulates are suitable for use in a wide variety of injection moulding applications – from wall anchors to zippers.

Free downloadable images are available at the following link (credits as indicated):!AuOwee9u7u5xvBLJIj1uaz7UawhI?e=CH3lI6

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