With our granulates, we are meeting the increased demand of recycled plastic - especially in plastic packaging

Granulate of the highest quality

With our innovative Newcycling® process as well as our conventional recycling process, we produce granulates of the highest quality for the respective field of application. Find the right granulate for your application here.

APK Mersalen® granulates from the Newcycling® process

Mersalen® LDPE NCY – the alternative to virgin plastics for use in high-performance applications:

  • Flexible packaging
  • Labels/stickers
  • Films/laminates
Newcycling® Granulates Newcycling® process

APK granulate from the mechanical recycling process

Mersalen® LDPE RCY – a recycled material that is suitable both for extrusion and injection molding applications:

  • Pallets
  • Gras pavers
  • Construction foil
  • Pipes

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APK AG produces high-quality plastic granulates from pre- and post-consumer plastic waste using our own unique, specially developed Newcycling® technology. The result is regranulates at a level of quality that enabled to replace virgin plastics. Raw materials and energy that would have been required for the production of new plastics are saved and CO2 emissions are reduced accordingly. Thus, we are able to make an active contribution to climate protection and circular economy.

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