Mersalen® LDPE from our Newcycling® process

The demand from packaging manufacturers and brand owners for LDPE regranulates to re-use in packaging is increasing. However, the availability of LDPE regranulates that are suitable for this purpose in terms of quality is very limited.

With Mersalen® LDPE, APK offers high-quality granulates with properties similar to those of virgin plastics. This allows virgin LDPE to be replaced in flexible packaging, labels, films, and many other demanding applications, without compromising on functionality or appearance.

Mersalen® LDPE granulates are also convincing with constance technical values, such as viscosity and mechanical properties, as well as offering the highest purity and being almost completely odor-free.

Mersalen® LDPE NCY Application

Flexible packaging:

Flexible packaging, e.g. stand-up pouches, place the highest demands on the plastic materials used. Mersalen® LDPE NCY can, depending on the application, largely or even completely replace virgin LDPE in flexible packaging without any disadvantages in quality. Moreover, both the packaging design and the processing parameters for extrusion and FFS packaging systems can be retained. Possible applications are:

  • PET/PE or PE/PP multilayer pouches for packaging in the area of detergents and cleaning agents
  • PE/PA multilayer films for various non-food applications
  • PE/Alu multilayer films and pouches for packaging with high barrier requirements
  • PE monolayer films and pouches for various packaging applications


The pressure to improve sustainability is particularly high in labels and stickers, For this reason the usage of regranulates is highly pushed in this segment. Mersalen® LDPE NCY is suitable for many label applications and meets high standards in terms of appearance, e.g. optics and low speck and gel concentration. The very thin film thicknesses often used for labels can be achieved without any problems using Mersalen® LDPE NCY:

  • PET/PE labels
  • PE/PP labels
  • PE monolayer labels

Film applications:

Mersalen® LDPE NCY is suitable for a variety of other film applications as well as most standard processing techniques, such as blown and cast extrusion. Furthermore, Mersalen® LDPE can be used for lamination and coating.

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