Acquisition of Clariant pilot plant secures APK’s position as forerunner in the plastics recycling industry

22. June 2022 All articles, Press releases

Merseburg, 22. June 2022.

The acquisition of Clariant’s research and development unit is a crucial element in extending APK’s existing expertise in the production of top-quality products from polyethylene waste to include additional types of plastics. Among the goals is the creation of high-quality products that will make it possible for mixed household waste, such as that which ends up in household recycling bins, to re-enter the material cycle, thereby reducing the use of raw materials, lowering CO2 emissions and energy usage, and resulting in an overall reduction in plastic waste.

Shareholders Athos KG (Strüngmann Family Office), MIG Capital and Salvia are supporting APK AG in its efforts to emerge as a market leader in closed-loop plastic recycling.

As part of APK AG’s expansion strategy, additional prominent strategic investors and financial capital providers are to be acquired in collaboration with investment bank Pareto Securities. The highly experienced research team at the Frankfurt site, the majority of whose members were brought on board by APK specifically for this new task, will form an essential pillar of the company’s success. Although APK is currently capable of producing transparent films from household plastic waste, further refinement steps will be implemented in the newly acquired pilot plant, with the aim of producing market-ready recycled products from other types of plastics, e.g. polypropylene or PVC. This will also ease the burden on the production facility at APK headquarters in Merseburg, Germany, so that series production there can run at full capacity to meet the high demand.

‘From linear to circular – the future of the former Clarion multi-purpose pilot plant in Frankfurt lies in the circular economy. At a site where once pigments and additives for plastics were developed, technologies are now being created that are targeted at removing precisely these from plastic waste, making it possible to create products that cannot be produced with mechanical recycling technologies. Our name for this is “Newcycling®”‘, states APK Chairman and CEO Klaus Wohnig.


About APK AG

Plastic waste is one of the most pressing problems of our time. To meet this challenge, APK is developing forward-thinking technologies under its Newcycling® brand that will significantly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions as well as safeguarding raw materials for future generations. At its site in Merseburg, Germany, APK AG is operating a worldwide unique pilot plant, where the industrialisation of this technology has already been achieved. Planning is currently underway for additional plants.


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