Jürgen Schiffer is the new CFO of APK AG

27. July 2023 All articles, Press releases

Merseburg, July 27, 2023, Jürgen Schiffer has been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) by the APK AG Supervisory Board. The proven expert for finance, value-added processes as well as transformation and change management comes from Meyer Burger Technology AG, which specializes in photovoltaics.

“Thanks to their special properties, plastics help to design products in a weight-optimized way and to reduce food waste through longer shelf lives. Plastics are therefore part of the solution towards a resource-efficient and CO2-neutral economy. However, establishing a true circular economy for plastics is still a major challenge in many areas. APK’s unique Newcycling® technology can have a significant share to get closer to this goal. I am very proud to have been appointed as CFO by the APK AG Supervisory Board and to be able to contribute to shape the rapid growth of one of the most exciting companies in the recycling industry,” says Jürgen Schiffer.

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Jürgen Schiffer is the new CFO of APK AG

The topics of environmental technology and sustainability have been driving the graduate banker Jürgen Schiffer intensively for many years, both professionally and privately. In addition to Meyer Burger, his earlier positions include Conergy AG and Q-Cells SE, both active in the field of renewable energies.

“With the existing plant in Merseburg and the future plants in Germany and Europe, APK will make an important contribution to being able to supply used plastics from private households to industry again as high-quality recyclates in the future. We have big plans and are convinced that with Jürgen Schiffer we have gained a proven expert who, with his expertise, will significantly contribute to mastering the upcoming tasks in an excellent way,” says Casper Frijns, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of APK AG.

The plastics recycler APK plans to use its own Newcycling® process to recycle mixed plastic waste from private households on a large industrial scale into sorted, high-quality recyclates. The LDPE recyclates produced are of a quality level that enables them to be used in a wide range of packaging applications. In addition to the existing plant in Merseburg, another, much larger plant for the production of plastic recyclates will be built in the Merseburg region in the near future.


About APK AG

Plastic waste is the problem of our time, for which APK AG has developed forward-looking recycling technologies under the Newcycling® brand, which significantly help to reduce CO2 emissions and secure raw materials for future generations. At the Merseburg site, APK AG operates a pilot plant that is unique in the world, in which the industrialization of this technology has already taken place. Since June 2022, APK AG has also been operating a technical center at the Frankfurt-Höchst location via its subsidiary APK Newcycling Competence Center GmbH. APK AG, founded in 2008, currently employs over 210 people. The established plastic recyclates from Merseburg are marketed under the names Mersalen® and Mersamid®.


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